Rent with an Option to Buy

 While it is considered part of the American dream to own a home, for many reasons, you may not be ready to buy, but don’t necessarily want to be in an apartment or your parent’s basement either.  Our program allows for you to pick from any home listed for sale and rent for up to 5 years with a guaranteed rental amount that won’t skyrocket each year. Anytime within that five years, you have an option to purchase the home at a pre-determined price which is usually substantially less than market value.  One client recently purchased their rental and had nearly $80k in equity!  While there is a right to buy, there is no obligation, so if your plans change, you can terminate after one year without penalty.  With most rents ranging from $2000-$3500 and serving most metro area neighborhoods, we are confident we can help you find a path home!  It only takes a day or two to get approved & just a few short weeks until move-in. 


What are the basic requirements?

Minimum 620 Transunion Credit Score – ITIN is accepted

Stable Employment – Self Employed and Commission OK 

$75,000+ combined household income 

No recent felony convictions, evictions or pending bankruptcies – previous Bankruptcies are allowed

Pets are welcome! 

* Other requirements may apply and subject to final approval